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                                  • We are implementing unit Tests by using using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;

                                    The Tests are executed using CodeRush Test Runner.

                                    I just upgraded to the latest VS 2017 update. Since then I Always can run a unit test only once.
                                    When I try to run a test a second time then I get an unexpected error which tells me to check the test Output.
                                    The Content of the Output of Test Runner then looks as follows:

                                    Test started...
                                     Summary: Passed: 0, Failed: 0, Ignored: 0
                                    Duration: 5.24 seconds

                                    The Content of the Output Tests Windows Looks as follows:

                                    [11.01.2019 12:05:12 Informational] ------ Discover test started ------
                                    [11.01.2019 12:05:13 Warning] Die Datei "D:\DevDotNet\DotNetAppl\ACAG.HotConnector\DEV_ACAG.HotConnector_2017_01\ACAG.HotWebAPI.Common.Tests\bin\Debug\ACAG.HotWebAPI.Common.Tests.dll" wurde nicht gefunden.
                                    [11.01.2019 12:05:13 Error] Die Datei "D:\DevDotNet\DotNetAppl\ACAG.HotConnector\DEV_ACAG.HotConnector_2017_01\ACAG.HotWebAPI.Common.Tests\bin\Debug\ACAG.HotWebAPI.Common.Tests.dll" konnte nicht gefunden werden.
                                    [11.01.2019 12:05:14 Warning] In D:\DevDotNet\DotNetAppl\ACAG.HotConnector\DEV_ACAG.HotConnector_2017_01\ACAG.HotTest\ACAG.HotTest.csproj ist kein Test verfügbar. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Testdiscoverer und -executor registriert und die Versionseinstellungen für Plattform und Framework richtig sind, und versuchen Sie es anschließend noch mal.
                                    [11.01.2019 12:05:16 Warning] [MSTest][Discovery][D:\DevDotNet\DotNetAppl\ACAG.HotConnector\DEV_ACAG.HotConnector_2017_01\ACAG.HotWebAPI.Common.Tests\bin\Debug\ACAG.HotWebAPI.Common.Tests.dll] Fehler beim Ermitteln von Tests aus der Assembly "D:\DevDotNet\DotNetAppl\ACAG.HotConnector\DEV_ACAG.HotConnector_2017_01\ACAG.HotWebAPI.Common.Tests\bin\Debug\ACAG.HotWebAPI.Common.Tests.dll". Ursache:Die Datei ist nicht vorhanden: D:\DevDotNet\DotNetAppl\ACAG.HotConnector\DEV_ACAG.HotConnector_2017_01\ACAG.HotWebAPI.Common.Tests\bin\Debug\ACAG.HotWebAPI.Common.Tests.dll
                                    [11.01.2019 12:05:17 Informational] ========== Discover test finished: 1093 found (0:00:04.5024962) ==========

                                    to get the test running again I have to kill the testing processes:

                                    taskkill /F /IM vstest.console.exe
                                    taskkill /F /IM vstest.discoveryengine.x86.exe
                                    taskkill /F /IM vstest.executionengine.x86.exe

                                    Running the same test by using the VS Test Explorer seems to work correctly.

                                    Could you please help me in Fixing this Problem because this is really ugly.

                                    Best regards,

                                • George K (DevExpress) 01.11.2019

                                  Hi Alex,
                                  Thank you for the logs.
                                  This issue is sometimes reproduced on our side. We need some time to investigate this problem in detail.

                                • Alex Brunner 01.17.2019

                                  Dear George

                                  Any Progress on this?

                                  We currently no longer use CodeRush for testing because it is just unusable.

                                  Best regards,

                                • George K (DevExpress) 01.18.2019

                                  Hi Alex,
                                  We made some changes to fix this issue. The problem is no longer reproduced on our side.
                                  Could you please try to reproduce this issue on this build?
                                  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

                                • Alex Brunner 01.18.2019

                                  Hi George

                                  The fix works perfectly.

                                  Thank you very much.

                                  Can I assume that this fix will be included in the next update?

                                  Best regards,

                                • George K (DevExpress) 01.18.2019

                                  Hi Alex.
                                  Of course, this fix will be included in the next update.

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                                • Dan Avni 04.26.2019

                                  Issue is still happening to me on VS2019 with 18.2.9

                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 04.26.2019

                                  Hi Dan,

                                  In Visual Studio 2019 there are many changes in the unit testing engine and CodeRush has a separate provider for this test framework. So, it seems that your issue has another nature than the initial problem. To process it more efficiently I've created a separate ticket on your behalf: Test Runner - An unexpected error while running tests in Visual Studio 2019. Let's continue our discussion there.