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                                  • After updating to v18.2.3 many toolbars in our project get rearranged in a very strange and unwanted way as soon as there are two or more toolbars on the dock control..(e.g. second toolbar from second row moved to the top left of the bar dock and first bar from original first row moved right to the second toolbar).(see attachments)

                                    This happens just by updating from 18.2.2 to 18.2.3 and just recompiling the project. without opening the affected forms in the IDE.

                                    So far I couldn't figure out how to correct the toolbar positions and alignment in the IDE without getting it messed up again after compiling the project and reopening the form in the IDE.

                                    For now I got it fixed by trying all tricks I could imagine correcting the positions and alignment at runtime. But I'm currently not in the mood yet to apply those runtime fixes to all projects and forms that use DevExpress toolbars.

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                                • Stuart Clennett 01.11.2019


                                  I have the same problem in my Delphi 10.1 Berlin app.  I updated to 18.2.3 from 18.2.2, and I experienced the following:

                                  - Bars & Menu bars weirdly re-arranged on opening the form in the IDE
                                  - Bars & Menu bars some were not visible (despite Visible property being true). Had to toggle visible on --> off ---> on to get them back in the IDE
                                  - The position of the bars/menu bars at runtime not reflecting the designtime position.
                                  - The predominant effect I get is Menu bars (isMain Menu = True) appearing to the right of a "normal" toolbar at runtime, despite it being above at design time

                                  Note that I don't permit the user to move toolbars or menus by dragging (most find it confusing & do it by accident) and so I don't save/restore the toolbar run-time positions at all.

                                  Hope you can provide a quick fix.

                                • Stuart Clennett 01.11.2019


                                  Here's a visual of my problem

                                  Top is design time, bottom is runtime.  When I close and re-open the project in the IDE, the toolbars re-appear in designtime as shown at runtime above.  I.e. on one row.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 01.11.2019

                                  Hello Fred and Stuart,

                                  Thank you for sharing your research results. This looks strange. In fact, I have reproduced a similar behavior both with 18.2.2 and 18.2.3. It may take us some time to research this scenario.

                                  Meanwhile, it would be great if you provide us with a small sample project demonstrating your layout that behave differently in 18.2.2 and 18.2.3. This will help us ensure that we are working on the same problem that you faced in your project. Thanks in advance.

                                • Fred Ahrens 01.11.2019

                                  Please see the sample project to be found in the attachment of my previous (private) comment.
                                  Unfortunately I can't say if the layout got already messed up while saving the project. The toolbars in the project are designed to be on two separate rows. The first button on each toolbar uses the caption for showing the intended row.

                                  Creating this project from scratch without any further modification doesn't have the described problem. But after disabling docking via the barmanager's NonDocking properties, the problems start. Setting the NonDocking property back to default values doesn't solve the problem.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 01.11.2019


                                  I used your sample project from the hidden comment to reproduce this issue. The problem is that in this project toolbars are already arranged in a single row. When I arrange them in two rows and run the project, I can reproduce the behavior you described. However, I observe the same behavior in v18.2.2. That is why I am not sure that the issue is between the 18.2.2 adn 18.2.3 builds. Would you please ensure that the problem does not exist in 18.2.2?

                                • Fred Ahrens 01.11.2019

                                  is there a source file in the DevExpress VCL installation that contains the version number?
                                  I can check in our backups what version was installed before the current version. The previous version was installed on 6th of September 2018 - I'm not really sure if this was 18.2.2 or an earlier version.

                                • Gregory (DevExpress) 01.11.2019

                                  Hello Fred

                                  dxBuildNumber constant declared in dxCore.pas contains version information

                                • Fred Ahrens 01.11.2019

                                  oh, it's 20180105 (looks like I skipped some versions on the dev machine and installed newer versions only on test machine)

                                • Fred Ahrens 01.21.2019

                                  Do you have an estimate if and when this error will be fixed?
                                  I hope I don't have to go back to a previous version as this would reintroduces some other problems fixed with the newest release.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 01.21.2019

                                  To my regret we have not found a solution yet and I do not have a certain time frame for now. If you are going to release a new version of your product, I think that it may be better to temporarily roll back to the previous version where this toolbar docking worked better for you.

                                • Fred Ahrens 01.22.2019

                                  Some observations:

                                  This problem seems to be related to placing the toolbars on a TdxBarDockControl. As long as the toolbars appear on the dock control in exactly the same order they have been created, there is no problem. As soon as I want to reorder the toolbars in the designer, the toolbar placement gets messed up during runtime and also while saving the project.

                                  Only workaround so far:
                                  If I reorder the  TdxBar objects in the form's source code (Alt+F12) to the same order I want them to appear on the dock control, the toolbars no longer get messed up.

                                  It also looks like disabling the customization for the toolbars doesn't have any influence (as previously assumed).

                                  Hope this helps to find a solution for the next release.

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