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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T704654: AspxDocumentViewer errors]
                                    Hi, i read tickets and help but not find solution.   My problem are: im using aspxwebdocumentviewer but the information are not show.  I attach some files.  Thank for your help.

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                                Hi Jesus,

                                The client-side errors that are displayed in your browser's console may be caused by the fact that jQuery and jQuery UI libraries are already registered on your web page. So, would you please clarify whether you register these script libraries on your master web page?

                                When the automatic registration of the "ThirdParty" and "DevExtreme" libraries is enabled in your web.config file, our code tries to register the libraries (that are listed in the  Document Viewer Requirements article) on the web page. In case the jQuery, and jQuery UI libraries are registered on your web page manually, your web page will end up with these libraries registered twice, which will break the client-side code.

                                In your case, if you wish to register the jQuery and jQuery UI  libraries manually, it is necessary to disable the automatic libraries registration in the web.config file and manually register all the client-side libraries on the web page. This approach is demonstrated in the Manual Integration part of the Why doesn't the HTML5/JS based component work and client-side errors are thrown article, where a similar issue was already discussed.

                                • Jesus Zambrano 01.10.2019

                                  Thanks Vasily,   Almost function but not yet.    I very confuse and the real problem is: I need modify a production project.  Are there way to use aspxdocumentviewer instead aspxwebdocumentviewer?   I can use ver 18.1 in this project.         Note: i agree with use aspxwebdocumentviewer in new projects, i make a test project and function very well.       Thank for you help.

                                • Vasily (DevExpress Support) 01.11.2019

                                  Hi Jesus,

                                  You can continue using the old ASPxDocumentViewer component in your project. Please refer to the Add a Document Viewer to an ASP.NET WebForms Application help topic to learn how you can convert an ASPxWebDocumentViewer control to an ASPxDocumentViewer control.
                                  So, we do not remove the ASPxDocumentViewer control completely, and you can continue using it. But we don't develop this control anymore, so this control does not support newly introduced interactivity features like the content editing.

                                • Jesus Zambrano 01.12.2019

                                  Thanks for you patience Vasily, finally the problem was solved.  Great support.  Have a nice weekend.

                                • Vasily (DevExpress Support) 01.14.2019

                                  You are always welcome, Jesus! I am happy to hear that my support was helpful.