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                                  • Hello,

                                    Since I upgraded to 18.2.3 (previous was 18.1.8 IIRC) I have a EVariantTypeCastError when inserting a new record in cxEdit, line 9038, procedure TcxCustomEditProperties.DoValidate :

                                    AIsUserErrorDisplayValue := not InternalCompareString(APrevDisplayValue, ADisplayValue, True);

                                    Since the field is NULL (just inserted and no default value) the DisplayValue is NULL and the Exception is triggered.

                                    I guess this has to do with T669565

                                    Am I doing something wrong ?


                                • Mikhail (DevExpress Support) 01.11.2019


                                  Please modify the attached example to demonstrate the issue you faced.

                                • HERVE PIEDVACHE 01.11.2019

                                  Here it is. Either scroll to the last line or select the DBGrid and press Insert.

                                • Mikhail (DevExpress Support) 01.14.2019


                                  Thank you for the example. We will examine it.

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