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                                  • I am trying to organize all my properties and sort them by the modifier 'Read-only' and then by name. When I enter this configuration and click on the Apply button nothing happens. Please see the attached picture for details.

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                                Hi Bill,
                                Thanks for the attached screenshot.
                                The Apply button in the CodeRush Options window only saves settings, but does not apply Organize Members. You need to call this action from the Visual Studio light bulb menu as demonstrated in this screencast.
                                For more informations see this link.

                                • Joe G 05.31.2019

                                  I ran into this problem too - I don't think Bill is trying to Invoke the Organize Member action from the Options dialog, but rather configure Organize Members so that the action (when invoked) puts his elements in the desired order. I did some digging, and this appears to happen when you add a new 'Sort' option to a rule that only has one defined Sort - you can freely add new Sorts to rules that already have multiple Sorts.

                                  Looking at the XML for the Organize Members settings in %AppDataq%\Roaming\CodeRush\Settings\Editor, it appears to be because there are two different container types for the sort:
                                  ' <SortingRule Type="DevExpress.CodeAnalysis.CodeCleanUp.OrganizeMembers.SingleSortingsRule">', which is used for rules that only define one sort, and
                                  '<SortingRule Type="DevExpress.CodeAnalysis.CodeCleanUp.OrganizeMembers.MultipleSortingsRule">', which is used for rules that define multiple sorts.

                                  I found that by manually editing the XML to change the SingleSortingsRule containers to MultipleSortingsRule containers (following the example of the existing MultipleSortingRules in the xml), I was able to apply the desired sorts, and was also able to then add additional Sorts to those manually modified rules afterward in the Options dialog. In short, it looks like adding additional sorts is not properly changing the container type in the settings xml, or it's not serializing properly.

                                • Joe G 05.31.2019

                                  To clarify:
                                  You cannot save the Organize Members settings after adding one or more sorts to a rule that only had one sort to begin with.

                                  You can save the Organize Members settings if you are adding additional sorts to a rule that already has multiple sorts.

                                  This applies to  CodeRush Roslyn 19.1.3.

                                • George K (DevExpress) 06.03.2019

                                  Hi Joe,
                                  Thank you for the clarification. I have managed to reproduce the issue.
                                  Give us some time to research and fix this problem.

                                • Bill Hazelwood 06.04.2019

                                  Thank-you for the thread addition Joe G., that is exactly my problem.