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                                  • I was researching an issue and see the same issue when using your demo.  I went to the link below and replaced the datebox validation with the validation below.
                                    What I am seeing is that when I choose a date using the calendar control I do not see a validation error, however, if I enter a date manually I do see the error.
                                    I am using IE 11 and have a coworker who sees the same behavior (also using IE 11).

                                    In our application, we do not allow the user to enter a custom date.  When I enter a date through the calendar, I do not get a validation error.  I do have a coworker using the exact same code (installed in our test environment) who can do the exact same and does see the error.
                                    I did enough research to know that if I change the date programmatically I do see the validation error.
                                    Any direction on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


                                    validationRules: [{ type: 'custom', message: "Bad Date", reevaluate: true, validationCallback: function (params) { return false; } }]
                                • Brenda Hermann 01.09.2019

                                  More information.  A coworker did the same update to the demo using Edge with the same result.
                                  In our application I did add console.log statements and could see the validat or returning false, however, no validation error shown on the screen. 

                                • Lena (DevExpress Support) 01.09.2019

                                  I've created an online sample based on our demo and your description and it works fine. Could you please describe the issue in greater detail? Any screencast will be also very helpful. We appreciate your cooperation.

                                • Brenda Hermann 01.09.2019

                                  I opened your online example in Chrome.  If I pick a date from the calendar I see no validation error.  If I type a date into the box I do see an error.  I did not make any changes to the code.  I will try creating a screencast and add it to this issue.

                                • Artem (DevExpress Support) 01.09.2019

                                  Hi Brenda,

                                  Thank you for the update. I reproduced the issue and we need additional time to research it. We'll update this thread once we have any news. Please bear with us.

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