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                                  • When using the Devextreme CLI to generate a theme it doesn't use the custom variables set in the "items" section unless "makeSwatch" is set to true.

                                    I have the following json config:

                                    { "baseTheme": "", "makeSwatch": false, "base": true, "assetsBasePath": "../../../node_modules/devextreme/dist/css/", "items": [ { "key": "@base-accent", "value": "#ffe200" }, { "key": "@button-default-color", "value": "#000000" }, { "key": "@tabs-tab-selected-color", "value": "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.54)" } ] }

                                    But the resulting css is ignoring the custom colors set in "items".

                                    I traced the error back to the "devextreme-themebuilder" package in "less-template-loader.js" on line 17. There the function "createModifyVars" is not called unless the swatchSelector is set.

                                    Is this functionality by design?
                                    It would be nice to be able to set custom colors without using a swatch selector.

                                    I created a pull request in the github repo that fixes the error:

                                • Nikita (DevExpress Support) 01.03.2019

                                  Thank you for your report. I will forward this thread to our R&D team to perform detailed research and determine whether the custom variables should be taken into account if the 'makeSwatch' option is disabled
                                  We will update this thread once we obtain any news.

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                                Thank you for your patience. I've researched your solution and determined that it only overcomes the issue, but not resolves the root of the problem. We found that the update of the 'less' package rewrites options passed to the LESS compiler. So, we resolved the issue using the pull request.