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                                  • Hi,

                                    I have a dxDataGrid with a fixed column and the scrollbar always shown.

                                    When scrolling to the bottom of the grid with the vertical scrollbar, the fixed column and non-fixed columns do not align properly.


                                • Alex Skorkin - DevExpress 01.02.2019

                                  Hi Sebastian,
                                  Thank you for reporting this issue. I have managed to replicate this behavior. Our team will research it and find a suitable solution if any. You will be automatically notified once we make progress. 

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                                • Sebastian Marten 02.18.2019


                                  In the same scenario as above, ie fixed columns and scrollbars set to always show, the horizontal scrollbar is still creating issues.

                                  It now shows what is underneath it, but this is not aligned correctly. It also cuts off any colours used.

                                  I've update the codepen, if you use the horizontal scrollbar, you should see the issue. It gets worse with more columns. The only solution seems to be to turn the always showing on the scrollbar off.

                                  I've also attached a screen grab with highlights.

                                • Artem (DevExpress Support) 02.19.2019

                                  Hello Sebastian,

                                  Thank you for the update. In this report, we fixed the issue related to the bottom row. Therefore, I've created a separate report on your behalf (DataGrid - Fixed column rows have incorrect alignment with other rows in certain cases). We'll research these issues and update the thread once we have any news.

                                  Please bear with us.