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                                  • I am testing my application after I have upgraded to 18.2.4 from 18.1.7.

                                    I have a datagrid in a popup form (when editing a schedule) that uses the following code to select rows in the grid when it opens when editing a schedule:

                                    if (storeIdList !== '') { var storesGrid = $('#storesGrid').dxDataGrid('instance'); storesGrid.selectRows(storeIdList, false); }

                                    I am able to edit a schedule the first time causing the popup form to appear fine but if I try to edit the same schedule or another schedule, I get the attached error that appears to happen when it calls the selectRows method.  storeIdList does contain a value ('501').

                                    Has something changed between versions causing this method to stop working?


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                                • evo G 12.28.2018

                                  I commented out the selectRows line of code in the function and the error still occurs.  Since this is probably going to be related to the Scheduler control, can you move this to the Scheduler section?

                                  The problem occurs after the onAppointmentFormCreated event fires.

                                • Maxim (DevExpress Support) 01.02.2019

                                  The cause of this issue is unclear to us because we cannot test your real app. I have created a small test sample based on your description. Try to modify it to illustrate the problem or provide your own sample:


                                  I hope to hear from you soon.

                                • evo G 01.02.2019

                                  Here is CodePen that demonstrates the issue.  If you double click a time to add a new schedule, then click Cancel and then double click a time again to add a schedule, the edit form only appears the first time and not the second.  After the 2nd click, you have to Ctrl-F5 the page in order for it to work again.



                                • Nikolai (DevExpress Support) 01.02.2019

                                  Hi Greg,

                                  I do not see CodePen in your last comment. It seems you forgot to paste it. 

                                • evo G 01.03.2019
                                • Nikolai (DevExpress Support) 01.03.2019

                                  Thank you for your example. I've reproduced the issue. We need additional time to research it. We will update the ticket when we have any news.

                                • evo G 01.15.2019

                                  I know you will post when you find something but was wondering if there are any updates on this?  We can't update to the latest version until this issue gets resolved.


                                • Maxim (DevExpress Support) 01.15.2019

                                  We are still working on this issue. Yes, you are right, once we have any news we will update it.

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