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                                  • Visual Studio 2019 reworked the "New Project"  window. When you filter templates by a language and\or a platform, DevExpress templates are not shown in results.

                                    Furthermore, if there are no active filters, all templates are visible at once. This causes multiple equally named DevExpress templates designed for different platforms to be shown at the same time (e.g., "DevExpress Template Gallery").

                                    Recently, we found the official Microsoft issue related to this change in Visual Studio:
                                    Allow custom project templates for custom language in 2019

                                    While this issue is not fixed, we are unable to change the described behavior on our side.

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                                Additional information:

                                Microsoft added the required stuff to Visual Studio 2019 version 16.1. With this update, DevExpress project templates are categorized as expected.
                                If you installed the DevExpress products before installing the VS 2019 update, run the DevExpress installer(s) in Repair mode.