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                                  • Hi.
                                    I found some  issues in dxTreeList with web api datasource, the first you can reproduce it in web api demo too
                                    If you apply some filter in search box and try to collapse one node, the node doesn’t  collapse, instead make's a call to web api service.
                                    But in my project it goes more… when I clear the search box it throws an 414 error too long url as you can see in the attached photo.
                                    This not happened in demo, occurs only in my code and that because (I guess) I use string as Id and ParentId.
                                    From the first place the control was not working with string type keys because in the initial load was sending the parent key with zero long value so I made a workaround in the Web Api controller to solve this.

                                    [HttpGet] public HttpResponseMessage Get(DataSourceLoadOptions loadOptions) { var commonprocurementvocabularies = _context.CommonProcurementVocabularies.Select(i => new { i.Code, i.Description, i.ParentCode, Has_Items = _context.CommonProcurementVocabularies.Count(x => x.ParentCode == i.Code) > 0 }); if (loadOptions.Filter != null && loadOptions.Filter.Contains("ParentCode")) { int index = loadOptions.Filter.IndexOf(0L); if (index > -1) { loadOptions.Filter[index] = null; } } return Request.CreateResponse(DataSourceLoader.Load(commonprocurementvocabularies, loadOptions)); }


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                                • Lena (DevExpress Support) 12.10.2018


                                  Just wanted to drop you a note that we need additional time to research this. We will update this ticket as soon as we make any progress.

                                • Marina (DevExpress Support) 12.11.2018


                                  We have reproduced this issue and are researching it. Please bear with us.

                                • Christodoulos Maragkos 1 01.10.2019

                                  Initially was looking okay, but when I play little bit more the problem with the filter is still there....
                                  The TreeList is placed into a dropdownbox as a editor in datagrid cell maybe some how I have to  dispose the control when the editor close I will see that later next week and I will give a feedback.
                                  The issue in web api controller with the string type key is still there.

                                • Christodoulos Maragkos 1 01.10.2019

                                  Maybe is worst now when I clear the filter the data are lost

                                • Lena (DevExpress Support) 01.10.2019

                                  Please make sure that you updated your project with the provided hotfix. I hope to hear from you soon.

                                • Christodoulos Maragkos 1 04.03.2019

                                  The control is still problematic, the requirement for 0 based ParentId breaks my model, In my model the root items have ParentId null (which in my experience is the common practice),  I turn of the constrain to check if data exists for my parent child relationship  and I set the ParentId default to 0.
                                  But when I try to insert a new root item the Entity Framework throws  an exception, its unhappy, with the 0 foreign key value somehow.
                                  "ExceptionMessage":"Unable to determine a valid ordering for dependent operations. Dependencies may exist due to foreign key constraints, model requirements, or store-generated values."
                                  So to workaround this I have to remove my Relationship in the entity, this breaks my code in many places, all that is okay for me... but its unacceptable that the behavior of the control does not match with the behavior of one of major used ORM..

                                • Ilya (DevExpress Support) 04.04.2019

                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf (T729910: TreeList - It is impossible to add a new root item when parentId is null). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

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