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                                  • Hello,

                                    i'd like to ask, if there is any way to switch grid view during runtime? I am using TcxGrid, which is connected with list of custom objects in provider mode. My purpose is to disable editing on main form, and only enable button for editing on toolbar. After user clicks on this button, grid should change it's view from table mode, into card mode, where should appear details of current selected record and only here user can edit that individual record.

                                    Thanks for your advice.

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                                Use the TcxGridLevel.GridView property to choose the active GridView in a Grid:

                                <AcxGridLevel>.GridView := <AcxGridDBCardView>;
                                • Miroslav Novotny 12.10.2018


                                  i eventually found this solution, however, i dont want to show all records, but only one card of the selected record in the previous view. 

                                • Mikhail (DevExpress Support) 12.10.2018

                                  In this case, I suggest that you consider one of the following ways:

                                  1. Use our In-Place Edit Form. A special form will be opened for record editing. Please read about this functionality in the "Data Editing Using Inplace Edit Forms" help topic.
                                  2. After the CardView switching, filter the View so that it will show only the required record. For example, you can do this using the DataController.OnFilterRecord event.