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                                  • Your Editors have built-in context menu, you can see from the picture in the docs that the KeyGesture text (Ctrl+x, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) are all aligned perfectly. When I add a DXContextMenu to an Editor, the KeyGesture text is right beside the BarItem.Content, like shown in the screenshot (from your Demo Center 18.2 - Context Menu sample).

                                    How to align the KeyGesture text similar to the built-in context menu? Also, is there a way to add BarItems to the built-in context menu, or I need to create a new DXContextMenu?

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                                Hello Yves,

                                It seems that you've faced the issue that we already fixed in the context of the following thread: T692089 - The KeyGesture combination label is not right-aligned in BarButtonItem when the Office2016WhiteSE theme is used (with a lightweight theme). Please try installing the hotfix from that thread and check if this helps.