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                                  • Hi,

                                    We are currently using your DataGrid component in batch mode for one of our view.

                                    The idea behind this view is to let customers insert and modify existing entries with some validations.
                                    Usually, a customer will modify around 10 to 25 entries before saving and encounter around 1 to 3 validation errors.

                                    Although our customers love the idea to edit their data in batch (since it's really efficient for our purposes),
                                    they dislike the fact that when they accidentally edit the wrong row, there's no way for them to revert back without clearing all the other modifications.

                                    Looking on the Internet I've found this related ticket: link.

                                    But the solution is not part of the official API and we would really like if we could not 'hack' our way through this.

                                    Is there another solution that I'm unaware of and are you planning to address this issue in future releases?

                                    Thank you.

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                                Hi Nicolas,

                                There is no alternative solution at the moment. We haven't scheduled a Roadmap for 2019 yet, so I cannot give any promises at the moment. Please stay tuned to our announcements.