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                                  • I want to read Comments and Sticky notes used in PDF document. Is it possible using PDF Viewer?
                                • Yulia (DevExpress Support) 12.06.2018


                                  Do you wish to display a PDF document with comments in our viewer, or do you need to extract comments and Sticky notes' contents from a document programmatically?
                                  Please also clarify which version of our controls you are using.

                                • Santhanaraman Sivasankaran 12.06.2018

                                  We are using Devexpress Winforms . My requirement is to

                                  1. Get the location (i.e PdfOrientedRectangle)  of the text with background in yellow color. Please find the screenshot attached.
                                  2. Then create comments/sticky notes programatically using PDF Viewer for the above highlighted text.

                                  Is it possible?

                                • Yulia (DevExpress Support) 12.07.2018


                                  As far as I remember, we discussed the task of finding highlighted text in a PDF document in the scope of the How to get the highlighted text from PDF? ticket. Would you please clarify if the highlighted text in your screenshot is a regular text with background or an annotation? If you wish, you can send us your typical PDF document; we will research it on our side for more precise recommendations.

                                  As I described in the How to get the highlighted text from PDF? thread, it is not possible to search for a text with a certain background in a PDF document using our PDF Suite. Alternatively, you can highlight the required text in the PDF document directly instead of customizing an initial Word document. We provide a non-visual PDF Document API library for operating PDF documents in code. This library allows creating highlight text markup annotations.

                                  Call the PdfDocumentProcessor.AddTextMarkupAnnotation method to place a text markup annotation on a page. This method returns a PdfMarkupAnnotationData object. You can create a comment for the created annotation using the PdfMarkupAnnotationData.Contents property. Text passed to the PdfMarkupAnnotationData.Contents property will be displayed in the markup annotation's pop-up window.

                                  Note that the use of the PDF Document API library in production code requires a Universal Subscription or an additional Office File API Subscription. Refer to the DevExpress Subscription page for pricing information.
                                  You can also try this library in trial mode for free for 30 days.

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