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                                  • Referring to the attachment, I wonder if it is possible to display the table data in detail layout that is similar to the "Summary" section as shown in the lower half of the attachment?

                                    If yes then may I know if the list of details will be able to enter into edit mode together with the rest of the page?

                                    Thank you.

                                • Michael (DevExpress Support) 12.06.2018


                                  I'm afraid your requirements are unclear. In XAF, list views nested in a detail view represent collection properties of the object bound to the detail view. Collection properties can obtain data from a relationship of the current object or can be filled in the property getter manually. The Collection properties and the New/Delete/Link/Unlink Actions article demonstrates how such collection properties can be implemented.
                                  If your requirements are different, please describe them in greater detail.
                                  To switch the nested list view to the edit mode with the owner detail view, set the CollectionsEditMode option to Edit as described in the How to: Hide Collection Properties in an Edit Mode Detail View for an ASP.NET Application article.

                                • Customer47495 12.06.2018

                                  Yes currently I have a list view nested in a detail view and I have set the nested list view's MasterDetailMode to ListViewAndDetailMode. I am wondering if when I am in the detail view's edit mode, will I have the option to set the nested list view's detail view to edit mode? If yes, when I save the main detail view, will the nested list view's detail view get save together?

                                  I am also wondering if I can move the expand button in the list view (the button that expand the detail view inside the list view) to the right?

                                  Thank you.


                                • Andrey K (DevExpress Support) 12.07.2018


                                  Unless I am mistaken, you are using the IModelListViewWeb.DetailRowMode rather than the MasterDetailMode property because the latter doesn't have any effect in v18.1.
                                  When the IModelListViewWeb.DetailRowMode property is used, there is no way to edit data in an expanded detail view. To edit data in a list view in this version use an edit mode from the List View Edit Modes article.

                                  Alternatively, you can switch to v18.2 where we supported MasterDetailMode in XAF ASP.NET applications. In this version you are able to edit (and save) data in a master-detail's detail view. Refer to the Display a Detail View with a List View article for more detail.

                                  If you prefer to stay with v18.1 and DetailRowMode for now and you need a solution to move the expand button, let me know. I will pass this question to our ASP.NET team as it is not related to XAF. Or you can create a separate thread with this question by yourself.

                                  I am looking forward to your response.


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