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                                  • Hi,

                                    Firstly, I really like the '/' shortcut in CodeRush for Commenting / Uncommenting a selection.

                                    However, in XAML, where the selection already contains a comment within it, things to not work.

                                    Is there any way around this? Or could this be improved in a future version please?


                                • Igor K. (DevExpress) 12.03.2018

                                  Hi Pete,

                                  Thank you for informing us of the issue. I managed to reproduce this issue locally and passed this ticket to our developers for further research. We'll notify you once we make any progress.

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                                • PETE N 12.05.2018


                                  I'm a bit confused by the version numbering above.

                                  You list 18.2.5 but the latest available version is only 18.2.3 ???

                                • Igor K. (DevExpress) 12.06.2018

                                  Hello Pete,

                                  This happens because at the time of your question, the v18.2.4 build was already on the test stage before publishing, so the fix for the issue was merged into the 18.2.5 branch.
                                  Currently, v18.2.4 is available to download or update.