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                                  • I tried to use the Super Mega Copy where you can select part of a method name, do a multi-select on it (ctrl+alt+enter), then select another item inside the method using multi-select (just like on the DevExpress what's new in 18.2 video), then select the method, ctl+c to copy it, and ctrl+v to paste it and have the multi-selected items be fields that can be changed.  However, I get to the part where I copy the method and when I go to paste it, it isn't on the clipboard.  I've tried using ctrl+c to copy it. I've tried right clicking and selecting copy from the context menu to copy it.  I've tried ctrl+v to paste and when I try to use the context menu to paste, the paste menu item is grayed out.

                                • Igor K. (DevExpress) 12.03.2018

                                  Hi Chris,

                                  Thank you for informing us about the issue. I managed to reproduce the described behavior on my side and passed this ticket to our R&D queue for further research. We will update this ticket when we have any news.

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