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                                  • Hello,
                                    I Have an existing code like the following:

                                    [ImageName("Action_Change_State"),DefaultClassOptions] public partial class Asset { ..... }

                                    the "Action_Change_State" is a standard DX library images and worked before upgrading from dx 17.1.7 to dx 18.2.3 but after the update these images are not visible anymore in the Web XAP application.
                                    I mean that:
                                    - before the update I have this image in the navigation bar, in the detail view (near the title of the detail view) and in other places.
                                    - after the update the image does not appear anymore

                                    I noticed this problem with all the images retrieved from the standard DX lib. If I use some of my custom added images then the fuctionality works as expected.
                                    Please note: I'm not using the images coming from the "SVG Image library" but the older (pre dx-18.2) that now are visible within the "PNG Image Gallery".
                                    I'm wondering why we cannot use anymore, within a XAF Web new UI app, the older PNG images?
                                    BTW: I've seen the ticket T689107 and I would like to ask how to bypass this limitation and continue to use the older PNG (not SVG) images even with the new dx18.2 version.

                                    Please can suggest me why?

                                • Radu Popescu 1 11.15.2018

                                  I agree. Or at least create SVG images for the older PNG images, like 'Action_Grant', 'Action_Deny'. This way at least the transition can be made without modifying the setup.

                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 11.15.2018


                                  Thank you for pointing out this issue. We need additional time to research it. As a temporary workaround, add the following line to the Session_Start method in the Global.asax file:

                                  ImageLoader.Instance.LoadFromDevExpressImages = false;

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