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                                  • After a clean install of CodeRush for Roslyn.. everything works with code templation expansion (spacebar).

                                    After I press the first time the Esc key into the code editor code expansion is no mor available and also I find it disabled into the SetupWizard .


                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 11.12.2018

                                  Hello Pietro,

                                  Thank you for contacting us.
                                  To help us research this issue would you please provide the following information:
                                  - CodeRush settings (from "%AppData%\CodeRush\Settings");
                                  - CodeRush log files (from "%LocalAppData%\CodeRush\Logs");
                                  - a screencast that illustrates the issue in action (you can capture it using a free Jing tool from TechSmith).

                                  We look forward to your response.

                                • Pietro Allegretti 11.12.2018

                                  I've uninstalled everything.. deleted all teh CodeRush settings in the %AppData%\CodeRush\Settings\  folder.

                                  It seems to work but I've to enable the "Always expand templates" in the Options\IDE\Intellisense

                                  After disabling that the settings (expecially those you find in the SetupWizard) are lost.

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 11.13.2018

                                  Hello Pietro,

                                  Thank you for providing the additional information.

                                  I have researched it and managed to reproduce the following issue:
                                  - have changed the language of the operating system to non-english;
                                  - enabled the "Always expand templates" option;
                                  - expanding templates works as expected, but Setup Wizard indicates that Template Expansion is disabled;
                                  - also, there are a lot of identical shortcuts for the "TemplateExpand" action in my settings.

                                  Here is screencast that illustrates the issue on my side:

                                  We will fix this issue and let you know as soon as possible.

                                  Would you clarify that you encounter exactly the same behavior?
                                  The issue is only incorrect displaying the option in Setup Wizard or expanding templates also does not work on your side?

                                • Pietro Allegretti 11.14.2018

                                  Yes it is exactly the behaviour I have.. with multiple shortcuts for the spacebar.

                                  And if I set "Always expand Intellisense" no more CR templates will be expanded .

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 11.14.2018

                                  Hello Pietro,

                                  Thank you for the clarification.

                                  Let me describe why we introduced the "Always expand Intellisense" option.  When the built-in Visual Studio IntelliSense popup is active, pressing the "Space" key inserts/commits the selected IntelliSense item into the code editor. This is the default Visual Studio behavior to which many Visual Studio developers get used. Expanding CodeRush templates using the "Space" key conflicts with this built-in functionality. Therefore, we had to introduce an option to allow a developer to choose what behavior he or she prefers: insert an IntelliSense suggestion or expand a CodeRush template.

                                  Am I correct that you prefer expanding CodeRush templates in this situation?  If so, I suggest that you activate the "Always expand templates" option. This way, the selected IntelliSense suggestion will not be inserted and a CodeRush template will be expanded instead.

                                  Here is a screencast that illustrates how this option works:

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                                • Pietro Allegretti 12.12.2018

                                  HI, it seems that 18.2.4 cannot be downloaded yet.

                                • Vito (DevExpress Support) 12.12.2018

                                  Hello Pietro,

                                  We already released v18.2.4 and it can be downloaded both directly from Visual Studio (through the "Extensions and Updates" dialog) and via the Download Manager.  I have just verified this and v18.2.4 is correctly downloaded from both these channels.  May I ask you to clarify what way to download the update you tried?

                                • Pietro Allegretti 12.12.2018

                                  I'm sorry for the mistake I was looking for 18.2.4 in "Universal subscription" line of DownloadManager.

                                  I've already 18.2.4 of CR installed via Extensions and Updates of VS 2017, but I've to disable it because of performance matters I've described in another ticket.


                                • Vito (DevExpress Support) 12.13.2018

                                  Hello Pietro,

                                  Thank you for your response and explanation.

                                  We've reproduced this performance issue with v18.2.4 and already fixed it. I see that my colleagues Alex provided you with a patched CodeRush build in the IDE blocking with 18.2.4 thread.  Please let us know whether or not it fixes the problem on your side once you have the opportunity to try this build.