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                                  • I created a new XAF Project. Now, i added a new ORM Data Modell Wizzard. In the wizzard, i select a Connection to another SQL Server with Database from our ERP. From the wizzard, i select one Table. The BO is created and also i can use a list view in the navigation. But i cannot see any data.

                                    I tried to search in the Support Forum, but without luck.

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                                Hello Thomas,

                                ORM Data Model Wizard is part of XPO, which is unaware of XAF in a general case. The connection string you selected in the wizard is not used by the main XAF application.

                                According to all symptoms, you can use one of the following solutions:

                                1. Follow the "Specify the Connection String" section of the Task-Based Help > How to: Generate XPO Business Classes for Existing Data Tables article;
                                2.Follow the Connect an XAF Application to a Database Provider article.

                                I hope this helps.