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                                  • When I export the Grid, Pivot, or Card items to the image, some labels are not exported in the certain situations.

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                                We researched this issue and reproduced it on the Linux and Mac OS. We determined that the problem is in the libgdiplus library that is used to export data in ASP.NET Core Dashboard. 
                                This library is not related to DevExpress, and thus we cannot fix this issue at the level of our components. We published this issue to the corefx GitHub Repository - System.Drawing on Linux - text bounds are clipped.

                                As a workaround, you can enable export to images using our internal API. For this, set the DevExpress.Dashboard.Internal.Settings.allowExportToImage property to true. However, we cannot guarantee that the export of the dashboard items to images will work correctly in all cases. If you face any issues with this approach, please submit a ticket in our Support Center. We will check for a solution.