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                                  • We are experiencing some issues with running our app with the new Bezier skin on a Citrix XenApp Server and then accessing it via Citrix Receiver.

                                    Citrix XenApp 7.6 LTSR running on Windows Server 2012 R2
                                    Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.12 running locally on Windows 10

                                    I have attached the sample project being run, as well as some screenshots which are included in the project.

                                    We are aware of the issue with displaying certain border effects. Has there been any changes on this topic in the last 3 years?

                                    Nevertheless, even if we were to decide to disable the border effect, the app becomes increasingly difficult to use as the border is not displayed what so ever - in Bezier Style.

                                    Compare the screenshots "screenshot-citrix-devexpressstyle-2.png" and "screenshot-citrix-bezier-2.png" to see the problem;
                                    When overlapping no border is displayed whatsoever and the forms "merge" and thereforce reduce the user experience.

                                    We would be ok, for the time being, with the small black border of the application seen on the lower left form in "screenshot-citrix-bezier.png" even though we didn't have any trouble with it in the classical DevExpress style skin (see "screenshot-citrix-devexpressstyle.png" top left form -  if there wasn't the merging problem described above.

                                    Also, why do the border effects display correctly when the forms are overlapping and not when they don't? I couldn't find any explanation here, on the citrix forums or anywhere else while googling - maybe you can help me understand this?

                                    Hopefully, you can understand whats going on from the "messy" explanations above.

                                    Thanks for your help

                                • Vladislav (DevExpress Support) 10.11.2018

                                  Hello Christian,

                                  Thank you for your project and the detailed description.
                                  I see the described issue and passed this thread to our developers for further investigation. Please stay tuned. We will update this thread once we obtain any results.
                                  As for the correct border effects when forms are overlapped, it seems that the shadow effect is not affected by Citrix when it is drawn above the form. 

                                • Christian L.. 12.11.2018

                                  Any news on this?

                                  We have now tried with an updated infrastructure as the SVG Features mostly rely on Windows 10 stuff (and before the tests were on a 2012 server - so not equivalent).
                                  However, the results are the same as described above with the new infrastructure;

                                  OS Server: Windows Server Standard 2019 / 1809 / OS Build 17763.168
                                  Citrix: XenApp 7.1818

                                  OS Client: Windows 10 Enterprise / 1803 / OS Build 17134.407
                                  Citrix Workspace (ex-Receiver)

                                • Vladislav (DevExpress Support) 12.12.2018

                                  Hi Christian,

                                  Our developers are working on this issue. I cannot provide you with a definite time frame as to when the shortcoming will be fixed. Please track the status of this thread to be informed of our results.

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                                Additional information:

                                The incorrect rendering of a form's border effects is a known limitation of Remote Desktop Applications, Citrix, etc. To avoid the shortcoming, we recommend you disable these effects via the XtraForm.FormBorderEffect property. However, disabled form effects complicated the forms resizing in some skins.
                                Starting with versions 18.2.5, we provide a way to show thick borders in a form. This is useful for MDI Child forms where shadows aren't shown and on systems where shadow effects aren't allowed/rendered incorrectly. Now, two new options are available:

                                1. WindowsFormsSettings.FormThickBorder to enable thick borders for all forms;
                                2. WindowsFormsSettings.MdiFormThickBorder to enable thick borders only for an MDI child form.
                                • Christian L.. 01.31.2019

                                  If I want to enable the new possible behaviour only for Remote / Citrix, I would need to:

                                  - Detect the app is running in a Citrix session
                                  - Set the FormBorderEffect to None
                                  - Enable the WindowsFormsSettings.MdiFormThickBorder

                                  In a regular application start there are no changes required.
                                  Did I understand this correctly?

                                  Thanks for the confirmation

                                • Vladislav (DevExpress Support) 01.31.2019

                                  Hi Christian,

                                  Yes, you correctly understand it. Please note that the WindowsFormsSettings.MdiFormThickBorder option will enable thick borders only for an MDI child form. If you need the thick borders for all forms, use the FormThickBorder option instead.
                                  Should you have further questions, please let me know.