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                                  • Hi,

                                    I often create one unit test function with multiple TestCases, then run all test cases to see the results. When several test cases fail, I check the Details tab for the first failing test in the Test Runner to understand the reason for the failure, edit the TestCase or function to fix the test. When I then go to look at the Details for the next failing test case, it's cleared.

                                    I understand that the details may not longer be current after editing the test, but this is really quite annoying, as I then need wait for the test to run again to see why the other test cases failed.

                                    Can the test result details be preserved? Maybe the details could just be marked as non-current in some way (greyed out or coloured differently), instead of cleared, when the tests have been edited?

                                    Additionally, it would be nice, if the "ready to run" icon, could have a different colour to highlight tests which have previously failed.


                                • Przemyslaw Wlodarczak (DevExpress) 10.09.2018

                                  Hi Dave,

                                  Thank you for the report. We will try to improve Test Runner behavior in the scenario you described. We will notify you here about our progress. Please bear with us.

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                                • Dave Sparks 10.18.2018

                                  I've installed version 18.1.13 and nothing appears to have changed. Maybe the issue was not clear?

                                  Please view this screencast:

                                  1. The example has two simple failing test cases - Test 1 and Test 4.
                                  2. I can see the reason Test 1 and Test 4 failed in the Details tab on the Test Runner.
                                  3. When I edit Test 1, the Details for both Test 1 and Test 4 is cleared
                                  4. To see why Test 4 failed, I then need to run the test again.

                                  It would be better, if the Details tab was not cleared when the test was edited. I could then see the reason Test 4 failed without rerunning the tests. When there are many test cases and the tests are more complex, it can be difficult to remember why each case failed. With a large solution, rerunning tests can take some time.

                                  It would also be better if the 'testtube' or 'test not run' icon had a different colour or icon depending on whether the test previously failed. It can be difficult to remember which other test cases failed after editing one test case.

                                • Przemyslaw Wlodarczak (DevExpress) 10.19.2018


                                  I am concerned to hear that you still experience this issue. Thank you for the attached video. I passed it to developers for further research. Please bear with us.

                                • Dave Sparks 10.29.2018


                                  Just checking if this is still on your radar? There's no hurry, but as the case is still marked as "fixed" and there has been no further response for a couple of weeks since this comment on a Friday, I thought it may have been overlooked :-)

                                • Przemyslaw Wlodarczak (DevExpress) 10.30.2018

                                  Hi Dave,

                                  Please accept my apologies for such a delayed response. Here is the link to the custom build which contains a fix to this issue. This video shows how it works now - the state of the failed test is preserved after you edit the code.

                                • Dave Sparks 10.30.2018

                                  Thank you for the custom build. I have installed it and works great for me.

                                  There is however a possibly unintended change in behaviour. If you edit the code in the body of the test function, rather than the test case, none of the test-cases are marked as "ready to run".

                                  I prefer this new behaviour to the old behaviour as all the test details and state are now preserved, but it does appear to be inconsistent. If you edit one test case, the icon is changed, if you edit the test it is not. Maybe the icon should be changed in both cases, but the details text preserved? Ideally, the icon would still show the previous state. Maybe have two new icons representing 'failed but changed' and 'passed but changed'?


                                • Przemyslaw Wlodarczak (DevExpress) 10.31.2018


                                  I am happy to hear that the issue is gone now.
                                  Regarding the change in behavior - the old behavior was incorrect and so we fixed it. We think the tests should keep their state when you are editing the code. We agree with you - it is more convenient when you don't need to re-run the tests in order to check why they failed. The state change you observe when editing the parameters in the TestCase attribute is not a reset of the test state. In reality you remove one test (identified by old parameter values) and create a new one with new parameter values. The test with the "failed" state gets removed from the suite and a new test which was not yet run gets added. It looks like we reset the test state, but it is a quite different scenario. I hope this clarifies things a bit.

                                • Dave Sparks 10.31.2018

                                  That makes sense. Thanks

                                • Przemyslaw Wlodarczak (DevExpress) 11.02.2018

                                  You are welcome.