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                                  • Hello,

                                    I have problem with CodeRush regarding Line Breaks with get / set Properties that have short Lambda assignments.
                                    They are wrapped but I don't want this (shorter code and better reading).

                                    Didn't find approbriate Settings that work or suppress this when doing "Cleanup Document" (by the way, is there possiblity to do this function as keyboard shortcut and not by clicking via Top Menu?).

                                    In Image attached you seee what I get, but I want this:

                                    OrderTypeEnum orderType; [XafDisplayName("Bestelltyp")] [GoBD] public OrderTypeEnum OrderType { get => orderType; set => SetPropertyValue(nameof(OrderType), ref orderType, value); }


                                • Alex Z (DevExpress) 09.21.2018


                                  Thank you for the provided information. I can see this issue.
                                  Please give us some time to address it.

                                  To work around this issue, set the "No Wrap" option for "Accessors" as shown in the following image.

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