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                                  • Steps to reproduce:

                                    Use the following code:

                                    <div id="t"></div>
                                    $("#t").dxTagBox({ dataSource: new{ store: new // [{Product_ID: 1, Product_Category: "Cat1", Product_Name: "Prod 1"}] { url: "$top=10&$select=Product_ID,Product_Name,Product_Category" } ), group: "Product_Category" }), value: [], valueExpr: "Product_ID", displayExpr: "Product_Name", grouped: true, showSelectionControls: true });

                                    Select any item in the dxTagBox.

                                    Expected behavior:

                                    Item is selected, the value was updated

                                    Actual behavior:

                                    Item is not selected.

                                    GitHub issue:

                                1 Solution

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