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                                  • The jump to file navigation in CodeRush is my most used feature.  In the last release or so a regression sneaked in there.

                                    Steps to reproduce:

                                    1. Open a file and place the caret over any piece of text
                                    2. Open the Jump to File dialog

                                    Expected results:

                                    The Jump to File dialog opens and the search text is empty.

                                    Actual results:

                                    The word under the caret is defaulted to the search text.

                                    In what world is that helpful?  Before I could just type the file I wanted and be productive.  Now I have to Ctrl-A and Del that useless text every time I open the dialog.

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                                Hi Christopher,

                                I have reproduced the problem. You are right, the behavior you described is incorrect. We already fixed the problem, and uploaded a build with the hotfix for the current ticket. You can download and install the build and the problem should go away on your side.