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                                  • Hi,

                                    An error ocurrs while compiling in release mode after upgrade to 18.1.5

                                    Mono.Linker.MarkException: Error processing method: 'System.Void DevExpress.Xpo.DB.MSSqlConnectionProvider::CommandBuilderDeriveParameters(System.Data.IDbCommand)' in assembly: 'DevExpress.Xpo.v18.1.dll' ---> Mono.Cecil.ResolutionException: Failed to resolve System.Void System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommandBuilder::DeriveParameters(System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand)

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 08.06.2018

                                  Thank you for informing us of your test results, Franco. We are researching this information and will get back to you as soon as we can. Based on our past experience with Xamarin/Mono, we often searched or created bug reports on these technologies using the official Microsoft repository. In the meantime, you may want to look for issue duplicates there:

                                • Franco Bonacchi 08.06.2018

                                  Hi Dennis,

                                  No errors ocurrs compiling with 18.1.3.

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                                I appreciate your patience, Franco. We researched this issue and found that it's similar to the XPO.Core - System.Drawing.Common FileNotFoundException in Xamarin.Android issue. Before version 18.1.4, a call to the SqlCommandBuilder::DeriveParameters method in our SqlServer provider was commented out. This method was not supported by .NET Core. The System.Data.SqlClient package of version 4.5.1 introduced this method to the .NET Standard. As a result, we uncommented its call in our SqlServer provider code. It appears Mono is behind in implementing certain methods/mappings to the .NET Standard library. The SqlCommandBuilder::DeriveParameters method is not implemented yet in Mono.

                                At the moment, you can resolve this issue in the following way:

                                1. Update NuGet packages for Microsoft.NETCore.Platforms, .NETStandard.Library and System.Data.SqlClient to the latest versions.

                                2. Manually add a reference to the System.Data.SqlClient assembly to your XamarinFormsDemo.Android project. For this, navigate to the folder where NuGet packages were downloaded and find the System.Data.SqlClient assembly version for .NET Core. On my side, this path is packages\System.Data.SqlClient.4.5.1\lib\netcoreapp2.1\System.Data.SqlClient.dll.

                                After these steps, I can build and run this project in Release mode. Please let me know your results.

                                • Franco Bonacchi 08.08.2018

                                  Hi Gosha,

                                  Thanks for your detailed response. If I add a reference to packages\System.Data.SqlClient.4.5.1\lib\netcoreapp2.1\System.Data.SqlClient.dll the following error ocurrs:

                                  Java.Interop.Tools.Diagnostics.XamarinAndroidException: error XA2006: Could not resolve reference to 'System.Security.Permissions.SecurityPermissionAttribute' (defined in assembly 'System.Data.SqlClient, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a') with scope 'System.Runtime.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a'. When the scope is different from the defining assembly, it usually means that the type is forwarded. ---> Mono.Cecil.ResolutionException: Failed to resolve System.Security.Permissions.SecurityPermissionAttribute

                                  If I add a reference to packages\System.Data.SqlClient.4.5.1\lib\netstandard2.0\System.Data.SqlClient.dll compiles without problem. I think I'm doing some thing wrong.

                                • Gosha (DevExpress Support) 08.09.2018

                                  Hi Franco,

                                  On my side, the System.Data.SqlClient.dll assembly from the netcoreapp2.1 folder works well. But, it's even better to take this assembly from the netstandard2.0 folder. If this approach works for you, use it.