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                                  • Hi,

                                    previously it was possible to use the b template in many places. Looks like you have to be in a code block now. Could you please change this behavior to the old one?
                                    Please see attached video that shows what I mean.

                                    Thanks, Stefan

                                • Artem L (DevExpress) 07.19.2018

                                  Thank you for the report and video. We reproduced this issue. We will fix it shortly. As a workaround, I suggest you perform these steps:

                                  1. Open the CodeRush\Code Templates.. dialog.
                                  2. Select "C# " in the Language listbox on the top of the options page.
                                  3. Navigate to the 1-key\b template.
                                  4. Change the Context string to this one:
                                  (![InType]) && ([AtEndOfLine] && !([DeclaresLocal(b)] || [InAnyComment] || [InString] || [AppearsToDeclare(b)]))
                                  5. Click the OK button and see if this helps.
                                  See the attached screencast for details.
                                • Dominik Schneider 07.19.2018


                                  I have tried this but it still not work, it is even worse than before.
                                  Not it works just when you create a new class.

                                  If you create a function or a constructor or something similar it is still not working.
                                  And now the creation of the braces inside a method or something similar isn't working any more.

                                  Can you please check it again?


                                • Artem L (DevExpress) 07.19.2018

                                  Yes, I was wrong, my apologies. The context string should be:
                                  [AtEndOfLine] && !([DeclaresLocal(b)] || [InAnyComment] || [InString] || [AppearsToDeclare(b)])

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