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                                    Module Module1 Function Foo(text As String) As Integer 'CRR0027 Return text.Length End Function Function Bar(text As String) As Integer 'No CRR0027 Return (Function() text.Length)() End Function End Module
                                • George K (DevExpress) 07.03.2018

                                  Hi Robert,
                                  I have managed to reproduce the issue. Please give us some time to research the issue in detail.

                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 07.23.2018

                                  Hi Robert,

                                  Currently, the Possible NullReference.Exception analyzer skips a check for lambda parameters. It was done after we received users' comments that reports for lambda parameters sometimes create a lot of noise. We are working on providing settings for this analyzer (including an option for lambda parameters). It is a complex task and its implementation requires some time. We will inform you of our progress.

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                                Additional information:

                                Hi Robert,

                                In the CodeRush 18.1.11, we have implemented settings for the Possible System.NullReferenceException analyzer. By default, check of lambda parameters is disabled. To enable it, perform the following steps:

                                1. From the Visual Studio menu, select "CodeRush\Options..." .
                                2. In the tree view on the left, navigate to the "Editor\Visual Basic\Code Analysis" folder.
                                3. Select the "Possible NullReferenceException" options page.
                                4. Select the "Thorough" mode for the "Parameters" item.
                                5. Check the "Check anonymous methods' parameters" item.