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                                  • Is there anyway to option Coderush to use the <Type>? Syntax instead of Nullable(Of <Type>)

                                    VB.NET Supports the C# style of declaration of nullables.

                                    public property Var as Boolean?

                                    currently Coderush will expand the ab0 template to

                                    public property Var as Nullable(Of Boolean)

                                    If we can change that easily that would be great.

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 05.17.2018

                                  Hi Michael,
                                  Thank you for sharing your idea with us. Please give us some time to research the situation in detail and give you the best solution.

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                                Additional information:

                                Hi Michael,
                                We have changed templates so the nullable type expansion now uses the simple syntax and these changes would be available in the next update. You can change template options by yourself if you don't want to wait:

                                1. Open the Templates options page - CodeRush\Code Templates
                                2. Switch Language to Visual Basic
                                3. Find for the #NullableTypePrep# template and change it's expansion to «?Set(Type,«?Get(Type)»?)»
                                4. Save changes.
                                Here is a screenshot: