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                                  • Greetings,
                                    I have a weird issue with the rendering of the GroupBox, I Created a custom skin, and changed the Group panel images in the Common folder.
                                    I still have a faint grey line underneath the caption of the groupbox that i can not get rid of.

                                    See the attached image from the Skin editor.
                                    Could you give me a clue as to which elemet this controlled by.

                                    Andre van Westreenen

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                                It is difficult to say how you achieved this result. However, it seems you need to work with the Image property of the GroupPanelCaptionTop skin element.
                                If this does not help, please describe what actions we need to perform in the VCL Skin Editor tool to replicate the issue on our side.

                                • Andre van Westreenen 1 05.16.2018
                                  I have attached the entire skin definition and all groupboxes appear to have the same issue, not only the GroupPanelCaptionTop   but the bottom, left and right as well.

                                  Andre van Westreenen
                                • Mikhail (DevExpress Support) 05.17.2018

                                  Your attachment contains only a skin's images, but not the skin project.
                                  I'm unable to replicate the issue with the Office2016Colorful skin. I've attached a video how the skin looks without the GroupPanelCaptionTop element's image.
                                  Please describe in a step-by-step manner what actions I need to perform in the VCL Skin Editor tool to see the problematic behavior.

                                • Andre van Westreenen 1 05.17.2018
                                  My Apologies, something must have gone awry creating the zip ,
                                  attached an amended copy
                                • Mikhail (DevExpress Support) 05.18.2018

                                  Hello Andre,

                                  The line in your screenshot is a part of the GroupPanelTop element's image. For example, apply the attached image to this skin element and you will see, that this line is yellow now.
                                  So, to avoid the issue, you need to modify the corresponding image as your needs dictate.