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                                  • Hi there

                                    I have recently installed DevExpress for Winforms version 17.2.8 on my Visual Studio version 15.2 - which all worked fine and in the winforms GUI form editor, the controls appeared in the toolbox and could be added to the winform as per normal.

                                    I have just upgraded my Visual Studio 2017 to the latest 15.7.1 version and since then - I have an issue as follows
                                    - I can still see the Devexpress 17.2 controls listed in the tool box
                                    - if I go into a new winform and try to drag and drop a control onto the winform - it pauses for a moment and then the control disappears without being added to the winform
                                    - if I open an existing winform with devexpress controls on it - the winform wont open and I get errors saying that it could not find the Devexpress control classes

                                    I have done a repaid on my Devexpress install after the Visual Studio update which made no difference.

                                    Please advise the best way to trouble shoot this issue and get my devexpress controls recognised in Visual Studio again.

                                    thanks in advance

                                    Trevor L'Estrange
                                • Nadezhda (DevExpress Support) 05.15.2018

                                  Hello Trevor,

                                  I believe that this issue relates to you install Visual Studio after installation of our components. If you re-install our components after this and it does not help, collect Toolbox information using Toolbox Analyzer as it is described in the How to resolve issues with Toolbox items KB article and send it to us.

                                  I am looking forward to your response.

                                • Trevor L'Estrange 05.16.2018

                                  Thanks for that, but the items were listed in the toolbox and I did another test by creating a new C# project in Visual Studio and the controls would then add to a winform in that project. From this I have surmised that the issue is most likely with the Visual Studio interface for the language that I am using in Visual Studio so I have referred the issue back to their DevTeam to look at.

                                  Thanks for your time.
                                • Nadezhda (DevExpress Support) 05.16.2018
                                  Thank you for the clarification. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any difficulty. We will be happy to help you!

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