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                                  • To reproduce the issue:

                                    1. Open the attached solution.
                                    2. Restore the Nuget packages for UnitTestProject1.
                                    3. Right-click on the solution, and choose Run Tests.

                                    The Test Runner will run the test in UnitTestProject1, but then won't end.

                                    This has something to do with ClassLibrary1 being there. ClassLibrary1 references the MSTest.TestFramework NuGet package, but does not have any unit tests, and is not a unit test project.

                                    In case this makes a difference, I am running the 15.5.2 version of VS 2017.

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                                • Artem L (DevExpress) 05.02.2018

                                  Hi Joe,
                                  In the last Visual Studio updates, Microsoft changed some API in its TestRunner. We were reported about this and fixed the following issues:
                                  Test Runner - It is impossible to run MSTests with the Visual Studio's 15.6.0 update
                                  Test Runner does not run MSTest tests in Visual Studio 15.5.2

                                  We are trying to ensure correct work of our product in the latest Visual Studio version, so we recommend you update Visual Studio. With the latest update, all works fine on my side.
                                  Anyway, I will try to reproduce the issue in v15.5.2 and let you know my results.

                                • Artem L (DevExpress) 05.03.2018

                                  Hi Joe,
                                  We can't reproduce this problem with the 15.5.2 update.
                                  Did you install the latest Visual Studio update? Is this issue reproducible with it?

                                • Joe P. 06.07.2018

                                  I have been able to reproduce this issue on a clean Windows 10 1803 installation with Visual Studio 15.7.3 and CodeRush 18.1.4.

                                  Here are the steps I followed to reproduce the issue:

                                  Windows Install

                                  1. Install Windows 10 1803.
                                  2. Don't run Windows Updates. (If any updates happen to run in the background, that's probably fine. Just don't explicitly check for updates.)

                                  Visual Studio Install

                                  1. Download the Visual Studio installer from here:
                                  2. Save or rename the file to: vs_professional.exe
                                  3. Download the attached InstallVS.cmd batch file, and put it in the same folder as vs_professional.exe.
                                  4. Run InstallVS.cmd.
                                  5. Click Continue on the first Visual Studio installer window.
                                  6. Wait for the files to download.
                                  7. After the "Installing..." window appears, click Install in the lower-right.
                                  8. Leave the "Start after installation" checkbox checked.

                                  Visual Studio Configuration

                                  1. Visual Studio should automatically start when the installation is complete.
                                  2. Click "Not now, maybe later" when prompted to connect to developer services.
                                  3. On the next screen, select Visual C# for the development settings.
                                  4. Click Start Visual Studio.
                                  5. After Visual Studio loads, select Tools --> Options from the main menu.
                                  6. In the Options window, under Environment, select Extensions and Updates.
                                  7. Disable automatic extension updates.
                                  8. Click OK to save the changes.
                                  9. Close Visual Studio and the installer.

                                  CodeRush Install

                                  1. Install CodeRush 18.1.4

                                  Run the Test Project

                                  1. Extract the test project included in the ZIP file attached to the main post.
                                  2. Open the solution.
                                  3. Restore the NuGet packages for the solution.
                                  4. Rebuild the solution.
                                  5. Right-click on the solution in the Solution Explorer, select "Run Tests".
                                • Artem L (DevExpress) 06.08.2018

                                  Hello Joe,
                                  Thank you for providing us with the steps to reproduce the issue. This information has helped us to reproduce the problem.
                                  To make sure that we reproduced the same problem, may I ask you to check if the steps illustrated in attached video also lead to a problem on your side?
                                  At the same time, we will examine why our TestRunner hangs in the situation we reproduced and will keep you posted of our results.

                                • Joe P. 06.11.2018

                                  I am able to reproduce the issue by following the steps shown in the video. However, the only difference I saw between the video steps and my steps were that the UnitTest1 class name was selected before clicking "Run Tests" the first time, and then the Test Runner output text was selected before running clicking "Run Tests" the second time. Is that what you wanted me to do? Or did I miss some other steps?

                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 06.12.2018

                                  Hi Joe,

                                  Thank you for informing us of your results. We selected code and output text just for demonstration purposes, not like steps to reproduce. So, your results confirmed that we reproduced the same problem. We are working on it and will inform you of our progress.

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