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                                  • Hello DevExpress,
                                     Kanban board view was released more than a year ago, After that, seems no improvements were done. I don`t see any plans for Kanban view improvements in your roadmap for 2018.
                                      Do you have any plans to improve Kanban board view?  For now, it is not usable in production.

                                    Thank you.

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                                • Aleks (DevExpress Support) 04.19.2018

                                  Hello Konstantin,

                                  Thank you for reaching out to us. We constantly collect customer feedback regarding Kanban Board, so we will definitely improve it in version 18.2 of our controls. As I know, previously you faced issues related to the drag and drop functionality. Our developers are aware of them. If there are any issues you did not mention yet, please feel free to describe them. Your input is of high value for us since it will help us improve our product in the future. I look forward to hearing from you.

                                • Konstantin Balashov 04.20.2018

                                  Hello Alex,
                                   Thank you for your answer.
                                   It could be a BIG job to make Kanban view powerful enough. I am afraid that a lot of features could not be implemented due to xtraGrid view limitations.
                                   Bellow is a list of required features :
                                   1. Possibility to change order of columns(states) Columns reorder question
                                   2. User friendly drag&drop Drag&Drop question
                                   3. Built in possibility to modify columns (state) header (Add buttons, show items count, items max count...)
                                   4. Possibility to collapse columns(states)
                                   5. Easy way to deal with order of cards in column(state) with data source update. The order of cards in column(state) is important, as a rule it indicates the priority of card at current workflow state.

                                  A lot of ideas could be taken from your competitor Kanban board implementation - Example of Kanban implementation

                                  Thank you.

                                • Konstantin Balashov 04.20.2018

                                  Also, it would be really great to get Kanban board contol in DevExtreme. But that is another discussion :)

                                • Aleks (DevExpress Support) 04.23.2018

                                  Thank you for your input, Konstantin. We greatly appreciate it. I will notify our R&D team about your requests. I will also pass your request to my colleagues from DevExtreme team.

                                • Konstantin Balashov 12.13.2018

                                  Hello DevExpress,
                                     Any news about Kanban view enhancements?
                                     There were no changes in it since it was released. It is not possible to use it in real modern business application due to functionality and customization limitations.

                                • Aleks (DevExpress Support) 12.17.2018

                                  Hello Konstantin,

                                  Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. While researching the Kanban mode improvements, we found that it is quite difficult to implement certain features due to the current architecture. It is caused by the fact that our Tile View uses the grid's data controller to work with data. This controller is not optimized to work with data organized in Kanban groups. That is why the requested features are still under investigation.

                                  I understand that the functionalities you are talking about are important in your scenario and you are interested in obtaining these features faster. I believe that other alternatives exist that will allow you to achieve the expected result. That is why I suggest focusing our resources on this task instead. To provide you with the most suitable approach, I need to completely understand your requirements. Would you please describe your scenario and final goal in maximum detail? In particular, I need to know how many data you have, what data-aware operations (filtering/grouping/sorting/editing) should be supported and what customization capabilities should be available. A couple of screenshots illustrating the desired appearance will be helpful as well. I look forward to hearing back from you.

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