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                                  • does dev-extream have date range picker component? 

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                                Hi Enhui,

                                We have RangeSelector that a user can use to select a date range. See the demo that illustrates this. But, if you are looking for a widget like DateBox where you can select a date range via its popup, we don't have such a widget.

                                • Rick Mathers 11.13.2018

                                  +1 for this functionality, I would love to see something like this for the Date Picker, something like what was done on your mvc controls.  Maybe without the two dropdown boxes though.MVC Version

                                  What I am used to seeing with this is (and has been requested by our own clients) is a single drop-down with the first click triggering a start date and the second click acting as an end date.

                                • Artem (DevExpress Support) 11.14.2018

                                  Thank you for your feedback, Rick. We'll consider this idea once we decide to implement this feature.

                                • Rajesh Aravapalli 09.22.2019

                                  This control has been there in almost all frameworks except DevExtreme.