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                                  • I'm trying to run coverage tests on a C# solution ( however the test runner hangs with the only output message being "Test started..."

                                    I've tried running just a single test with code coverage from the context menu however the same result, it seemingly hangs (> 60 seconds).

                                    The "Run test" options work fine, the tests complete with a few seconds.

                                    From my testing of this issue, it seems to only be present in 17.2.5 as I just downgraded to 17.2.4 and the code coverage ran fine (21s first run, ~3.5s in subsequent runs).

                                    One thing I did notice between 17.2.5 and 17.2.4 is that in the older one, there is a loading indicator at the bottom of the code coverage window telling me it is working whereas 17.2.5 doesn't even display that (which might help you narrow down the problem or I've just noticed a minor UI change).

                                    I've tried trying to do a clean re-install of CodeRush to see if that was related however there was no change.

                                    On the first run of 17.2.5 code coverage, it did come up with a UAC prompt for two DevExpress DLLs (profiler something, 32bit and 64bit versions) which I allowed - mentioning this in case that's important.

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 01.22.2018

                                  Hi James,
                                  Thank you for the detailed explanation of the issue. I have reproduced the issue with the latest CodeRush version. Please give us some time to research it.

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