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                                  • As you know, WinForms relies on GDI+ to render application content. Since GDI+ doesn't support hardware acceleration (your graphics card power), it becomes slow when rendering large areas at once  - it is especially noticeable when rendering large images or when working on large screens.
                                    In version 17.2, we have implemented our own DirectX-based painting engine which supports hardware acceleration:

                                    Major speed enhancements in WinForms grid (coming soon in v17.2)

                                    In version 17.2, we implemented DirectX support in our GridControl only and are planning to extend this support in version 18.1. However, if you are ready to move your application to DirectX and don't want to wait for the official 18.1 release, you can try our new DirectX PictureEdit rendering engine in version 17.2. All you need to do is to download and install the latest build.

                                    Take a look at this article to learn about changes you need to make in your application in order to move to the DirectX engine:

                                    DirectX Hardware Acceleration

                                    If you didn't heavily use the GDI+ Graphics  object, it won't require many changes.

                                    To enable Direct X for PictureEdit, just add the following line to your form's constructor:

                                    pictureEdit1.UseDirectXPaint = DevExpress.Utils.DefaultBoolean.True;

                                    That's it. Now, PictureEdit uses Direct X to render its image, instead of the default GDI engine.

                                    Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

                                    We would love to hear any feedback. If you like this feature, please let us know in comments below.
                                    If you encounter any issue, feel free to create a separate ticket in our Support Center.

                                    Looking forward to hearing from you!

                                • Eaton Z. 03.13.2018

                                  Nice feature, but definitely buggy.
                                  In one of my forms, the picture is not displayed until the mouse hovers over it (normally it is displayed at all times).
                                  And another form, the background is black instead of transparent.

                                  Are those known issues?

                                • Eaton Z. 03.13.2018

                                  Also, why doesn't WindowsFormsSettings.ForceDirectXPaint() work for PictureEdit?

                                • Alex Miller 03.13.2018

                                  Really cool feature. But I'm seeing some flickering of the PictureEdit background picture (shown as some null value) on mousehover/tooltip. Unfortunately Camtasia is unable to capture the flicker. I'm still trying to isolate the problem...

                                • Dmitry Babich (DevExpress) 03.14.2018

                                  Hello Eaton and Alex,

                                  Thank you for your interest in this feature and your valuable feedback!

                                  When calling the ForceDirectXPaint method, we are using some kind of "smart" logic to determine which controls require DirectX and which don't. Currently, this logic is pretty simple - we enable DirectX for "heavy" controls like XtraGrid (XtraTreeList and XtraCharts in the future). For small controls like PictureEdit, we don't enable DirectX by default -  it makes sense to manually enable it when using large images only. In the future, we are also planning to provide more flexibility and allow our customers enable/disable DirectX for each supporting control (Grid, Tree List, Chart, etc.) individually.

                                  As for the issues you encountered, I've created separate tickets for each of them and we will do our best to resolve them as soon as possible:

                                  PictureEdit - An image is not displayed unless it is hovered when DirectX is enabled
                                  PictureEdit - The image background is black when DirectX is enabled
                                  PictureEdit - An image is flickering when DirectX is enabled

                                  Let me know if you have additional questions.

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