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                                  • Hi,

                                    I read the docu and also have the shortlist (pdf) but I don't understand really how if works .. some stuff is working as it should and some not

                                    E.g. m. should be a Method body with Empty return. It's enabled but nothing happens

                                    What I'm doing wrong?

                                    Kind regards

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                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 12.11.2017

                                  Hello Oliver,

                                  Thank you for letting us know of this issue.
                                  I managed to reproduce it when a project has not the C# 7.x language version.
                                  I have attached a screencast that illustrates the issue in action on my side.

                                  We will research it and let you know as soon as we have any results.

                                • O. Hinken 12.11.2017

                                  All my projects have the option "c# lastest major version (default)" .. but I often also had the issue that can not rename anything .. after restarting vs thats works again but the m. is still there.

                                  you need settings, logs or something like that?

                                  kind regards

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 12.12.2017

                                  Hello Oliver,

                                  If I understand you correctly, the issue with the 'm.' template is reproduced on your side even if a project uses a C# 7.x language version.
                                  In this case, you can help in our research if you provide us with the following information:
                                  - CodeRush log files (they can be obtained at %LocalAppData%\CodeRush\Logs);
                                  - CodeRush settings (they can be obtained at %AppData%\CodeRush\Settings);
                                  - a simple project where the issue is reproducible.

                                  Regarding the issue with renaming, it would be great if you describe it in detail.
                                  - Is it stably reproducible? For some specific projects or for newly created ClassLibrary as well?
                                  - Do you see any error messages?

                                  A screencast that illustrates the issue in action can also be helpful. You can capture it using the free Jing tool.

                                  I am looking forward to your response.

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 12.12.2017


                                  Let me note that while we are working on the fix of the issue with the 'm.' template, you can change the context of this template (and other 'm' templates if you are using them) locally to get a temporary workaround.
                                  Here is a screencast that illustrates how to replace the [InMember] context to the [InCodeBlock] context:

                                • O. Hinken 12.12.2017

                                  Since the todays update its workin now

                                  kind regards

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 12.12.2017

                                  Hello Oliver,

                                  Thank you for the update.
                                  Feel free to reactivate this thread if the issue comes back.

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