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                                • Marion (DevExpress Support) 12.01.2017

                                  Hello Sylo,
                                  It is not entirely clear what task you wish to accomplish. When you drag an appointment, it longer belongs to a recurrence. Would you please describe how dxScheduler should behave? It would be great if you have an example with another Scheduler (e.g. ASPxScheduler or XtraScheduler).

                                • Sylo 12.01.2017

                                  See the sample with aspxScheduler
                                  The excpetion occurence have an icone of exception

                                  There is not the same behavior in dxscheduler


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                                Hello Sylo,

                                Currently, dxScheduler doesn't support this behavior.

                                I'll pass this ticket to our developers to discuss the possibility of implementing such a functionality in the future.