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                                  • Please see: Control flow statements "If", "For", "For Each", "Do", "While", "Select" and "Try" should not be nested too deeply

                                    In connection with NullReference-Checks its often the situation that I "lose" one or more levels for implementing complex constructs.
                                    To solve this problem it should be sufficient to check at the beginning of a method all parameters and early exit to reduce the complexity.
                                    The NullReferenceException-Check should take this into account.

                                    Function Foo(param As String) As Integer If param Is Nothing Then Return 0 'CRR0027 Return param.Length End Function Sub Bar(param1 As String, param2 As String) If param1 Is Nothing Then Return If param2 Is Nothing Then Return 'Do something ... 'CRR0027 Dim length As Integer = param1.Length + param2.Length '... End Sub
                                • George K (DevExpress) 11.30.2017

                                  Hi Robert,
                                  Thanks for the code snippet.
                                  We are working on this issue now and will notify you when we have any results.

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