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                                  • Hello,

                                    In a TcxGridTableView it is easy to automatically expand all groups like this :


                                    Does it exists an easy way to do same thing in ExpressPivotGrid because the unique solution is to do :


                                    procedure TForm46.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var i: integer; begin cxDBPivotGrid1.BeginUpdate; try for i := 0 to cxDBPivotGrid1.FieldCount - 1 do cxDBPivotGrid1.Fields[i].ExpandAll; finally cxDBPivotGrid1.EndUpdate; end; end;

                                    Does it exists a better way to do it ?

                                    Because it not easy to use it each time after data loaded in ExpressPivotGrid  : There in no event like "AfterDataLoaded" !

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                                Hello Fabrice,

                                The ExpressPivotGrid control does not have this kind of property. Please check if using the ViewInfo.DrawExpandButtons and ExpandRows protected properties can help you implement the required behavior:

                                type TcxPivotGridViewDataAccess = class(TcxPivotGridViewData); TcxDBPivotGridAccess = class(TcxDBPivotGrid); procedure TForm2.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin TcxDBPivotGridAccess(cxDBPivotGrid1).ViewInfo.DrawExpandButtons := False; TcxPivotGridViewDataAccess(cxDBPivotGrid1.ViewData).ExpandRows := True; cxDBPivotGrid1.DataController.DataSource := DataSource2; end;


                                The latest version of our Pivot Grid control (19.1) supports this functionality. You can enable the field's Options.AlwaysExpanded property to activate it.

                                • FabV 11.30.2017

                                  Hello Paulo,

                                  Your solution work fine.
                                  But can we imagine a published property to handle this in a future version ?

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 11.30.2017

                                  We will consider the possibility of implementing this feature in future builds.