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                                  • Hello,

                                    currently we are about 70% ready with our project.
                                    The time to open the Model.DesignedDiffs.xafml files increases almost daily. At the moment we need about two minutes to open them.
                                    Opening the Layout-node of particular complex views takes more than a minute.
                                    This wastes much time along the day.
                                    My hardware is a i7/64GB with 2 TB SSD. The file in "Modules" has a size of 1.411k and about 19.000 lines, the one in "Modules.Win" has 540k and 5.700 lines.

                                    Have you any ideas ?

                                    Thank you

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                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 10.17.2017

                                  Hello Michael,

                                  Would you please perform some research to gather the information that can help us to determine the cause of the issue? For this, attach another Visual Studio instance as described in this Knowledge Base article: How to debug native code in Visual Studio and collect as detailed call stack as possible. This is necessary to debug our visual designers.

                                  Open the Model Editor to reproduce the issue. Wait 10-20 seconds and press the Pause toolbar item in the second Visual Studio instance. Open the Debug->Windows->Callstack window, copy its content into the text editor, and save it. Repeat this several times (5 times will be enough) and attach these files to your next message. This information can help us to find the code that can cause this issue.

                                  We look forward to haring from you.

                                • Daniel Fischer 1 11.21.2017

                                  Hello Uriah,

                                  like Michael we're experiencing the same problems with our designers. Sizes are quite the same, hardware a bit lower on performance.

                                  I've tried to debug Visual Studio 2015 like the article proposed. Hope the attached stacks help out. On the first run I hit the break every 30 seconds. Stack doesn't seem to vary much. The second run crashed around 15 seconds after the first pause.

                                  Our application has around 250 businessobjects. Don't know if this is from interest.

                                  In addition to the slow opening of the editor, Visual Studio crashes like 3-4 times a day.

                                  Thanks for looking into this case.


                                • Michael Lang 11.21.2017

                                  Since I currently have to deal with other problems, I found no time to execute Uriahs recommendations.
                                  We have 114 business objects and the Visual Studio of us 6 developers, thank god, never crashes.
                                  Today in CodeProjects daily news, they wrote, that VS 15.5. solves this problem, especially with xml-files.
                                  We will awaite this update, before we research further.

                                • Daniel Fischer 1 11.21.2017

                                  Have you tried to load the designer via the DevExpress DevExpress.ExpressApp.ModelEditor.vXX.X.exe provided at the DevExpress installation folder (for me C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress 16.2\Components\Tools\eXpressAppFramework\Model Editor)

                                  @Uriah, I don't know if opening the editor from a compiled XAF application is faster than from a source version(?) in Visual Studio. For us the ModelEditor.exe does it's job way faster than Visual Studio does.
                                  For my Visual Studio I only have a few plugins namly DevExpress Components, DevExpress CodeRush (classic) and NuGet Reference Switcher in addition to the Visual Studio owned ones like Microsoft Azure Connected Services and so on.

                                  If you like I could also provide a performance analysis for the ModelEditor.exe done by JetBrains dotTrace.

                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 11.22.2017

                                  @Daniel, @Michael
                                  Thank you for the additional information.

                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 11.22.2017

                                  @Daniel, @Michael
                                  Is there any chance you can share a sample project (or at least business objects)? You can either create a separate private ticket for this, or contact us via email:

                                • Michael Lang 11.22.2017

                                  Since you don't need the database for researching this issue, I will send you my whole project in a private ticket.

                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 11.23.2017

                                  Thank you, Michael!

                                • Daniel Fischer 1 11.28.2017

                                  Will you update this ticket if you've found an anwser?
                                  Since Michael provided you his application in a private ticket which others can't see.

                                  Hope his input is enough, because I'm not able to provide a full example.

                                • Michael Lang 11.28.2017

                                  Hallo, Daniel,

                                  ich gehe davon aus, dass Du verstehst, dass ich kein Projekt, in dem mehrere Mannjahre stecken, als Source öffentlich zugänglich mache ?

                                  Viele Grüße

                                • Daniel Fischer 1 11.28.2017

                                  Hallo Michael,

                                  nicht falsch verstehen. Du sollst das Projekt auch nicht öffentlich machen. Ich hätte nur gerne das DevExpress das Ergebnis, also wie der ModelDesigner verbessert werden kann und was Ihre Rückschlüsse sind öffentlich macht, also hier einträgt und das ganze nicht nur im privaten Ticket abgehandelt wird. Man sieht den Fortschritt sonst nicht.

                                  Ich gehe davon aus, dass dies nicht ein reines Problem deines Projekts ist.


                                • Michael Lang 11.28.2017

                                  Dann sind wir uns einig.

                                  Uriah hat geschrieben: "We will try to reproduce this issue and update the T565744 ticket if we find a solution. "
                                  Dieser Case ist öffentlich sichtbar.
                                  Also alles gut.

                                • Daniel Fischer 1 11.28.2017

                                  Thanks for the update.

                                  Please let me know If i can provide additional input to simplify the reproduction.
                                  This thing really slows us down at the moment.

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                                Hi all,

                                Michael's helped us reproduce the issue and find two bottlenecks.

                                >> Opening the Layout-node of particular complex views takes more than a minute.

                                We found that this behavior occurs both at run time and design time. We are going to research this issue further, and created a separate public ticket in order not to mix several issues in one thread: Win - It takes significant time to show a DetailView with a large number of editors.

                                >> I've tried to debug Visual Studio 2015 like the article proposed. Hope the attached stacks help out.

                                We have managed to reproduce the problematic behavior in Michael's project as well. Our developers thoroughly researched this case, and it appears that there is no quick and easy solution. We have ideas on how to improve the performance, but will need to determine how to implement these ideas in the context of Visual Studio's type resolution service. We also anticipate that the implementation will require significant changes in the framework code. For these reasons, I cannot promise that we will address  this particular case anytime soon. However, the information we obtained while researching Michael's project helped us to get the clear understanding of the aspects that we should improve in the future.

                                • Daniel Fischer 1 11.28.2017

                                  Hi Uriah,

                                  thanks for the clarification. I think everybody knew this is a more complex issue that fixing a simple bug. Take your time to find a nice solution and if it's taking 18.1 or 18.2, so shall it be.

                                  In the meantime. Is there any chance to design the Model.DesignedDiffs.xafml with the DevExpress.ExpressApp.ModelEditor.v16.2.exe tool? I only got this to work if I choose a *.config or compiled dll and only for the project which contains the WinApplication.cs (namly Model.xafml in bin folder).

                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 11.29.2017

                                  Hi Daniel,

                                  Although the standalone Model Editor is primarily intended to edit a model of a deployed ASP.NET application or deployed Windows Forms application, it also provides an option to choose an assembly file and model differences path to edit the model of a certain module outside Visual Studio.

                                  If you specify a path to the assembly in the Bin folder of the particular project, the Model Editor tool can also automatically resolve the model difference path. At least, this should work with standard projects generated by the wizard.

                                • Daniel Fischer 1 11.29.2017

                                  Thank's for the answer.
                                  Last time I tried it out the tool quit with the message: Did not find a WinApplication or descendent (something like that)

                                  I chose the Project.Module.dll and he targeted the folder where the Model.DesignedDiffs.xafml is located.

                                  Will give it another try. Maybe this will help us out during the time you're working on a solution.

                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 11.29.2017

                                  You are welcome, Daniel! If you reproduce this error again, feel free to create a ticket. We will do our best to help you.

                                • Michael Lang 11.29.2017

                                  Ok, Uriah, please keep me informed.

                                  Thank you.