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                                  • Latest version of CodeRush for Roslyn moved some settings around, and that's fine. However, in the moving, the Align By settings got lost for the Braces feature, so all I can do is have alignment that I don't want.

                                    I've attached screenshots of what it should look like based on your "What's New", and what it actually looks like.

                                    I was really hoping you guys would have the code formatter fully working by this point because my Resharper sub comes up for renewal this week, and it's the only option for a fully working flexible nice-looking code formatting engine. I have everything else in their stuff turned off, but their code formatter works, whereas this one still needs work -- it's a lot closer than last year, though! Hopefully by this time next year I won't have to use Resharper at all. I've been waiting a few years, so I'm not expecting it, but it'd sure be nice.

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 10.17.2017

                                  Hi Jason,
                                  In 'What's new', we have mistakenly added the screenshot from the internal version which is not ready for production yet. We plan to add this functionality shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.
                                  We would be happy to hear your feedback about our formatting engine and improve it accordingly.

                                • Get Away Today 10.17.2017

                                  17.1.8 indentation had been very broken, so I haven't messed with the formatting since .7 and can't remember some of the smaller issues. Went to try .9 and found that some of the indent options that had been in the other spot for wrapping didn't get propagated to the new better way of handling it separately. I'll give it another shot when .10 comes out and give more feedback. One of the "very important" to me items has already gone live w/ .6 or .7, and the one I'm reporting on with this request is another of the major enhancements I requested a while back, so as soon as this gets fixed and released then I'll give the formatting engine another spin. I'm very eager to switch to it completely.

                                  There's still a few minor annoyances, but the big ones that I've already reported get in the way and prevent me from exploring the smaller issues. The best way for me to find the things I need to add is to use it, but the things that are either broken or not yet implemented have made it difficult for me to try it for more than a few minutes. Indenting was so broken in 17.1.8 after .7 had worked so well overall that I just skipped trying that version.

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 10.18.2017

                                  Our Formatting engine is at the active development stage and some feature can have issues or non-complete functionality. Our goal is to make them better with each release. Since our development sprint is usually 4-5 weeks long, we can quickly respond to your feedback. As I can see, all of the issues were already processed. Can you please give us more details on important things that are broken or are not implemented so we can prioritize them?

                                • Get Away Today 10.19.2017

                                  There just aren't enough settings to handle things, and I've found that settings get applied either too heavy-handed or inconsistently. There isn't enough working yet to have me use this for more than a few minutes to find the next batch of problems.

                                  I set that I want 1 blank line between methods. Apply formatting. Poof, no spacing between fields and the constructor. A constructor IS a method, it's just a specialized method.

                                  Next, wrapping for Chained Method Calls really needs to have a tolerance setting. If I have a tolerance setting set that doesn't get matched, I don't want the formatting system to unformat whatever I have done manually for a given situation (which is what the tolerance settings do now if the tolerance level isn't met, and I've reported this item previously, although I think that's just falling through to the standard VS formatting engine which isn't up to the task.)

                                  Many of the Wrapping options need a "Wrap if Long" option in addition to "Wrap if Long of Multi-line". I don't want a method call going from one line that's too long to one extra line per parameter. I don't want a method signature doing the same. There are times I just want a line wrapped if it's too long, and otherwise leave it alone.

                                  You guys really need to install Resharper and take a look at its code formatter. It's the one thing Resharper is good for. I can send you my settings and you can see why I'm so woeful when I try this one. This formatter is faster, so I'd really like to see it fully functional. Not to mention that just having Resharper turned on interferes with and crashes the DX Report Designer.

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 10.20.2017

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