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                                To programmatically update a specific row in ListView, access the underlying GridView and call its RefreshRow method.

                                For example, you can subscribe to the IObjectSpace.ObjectChanged event and call this method passing FocusedRowHandle as a parameter.

                                using DevExpress.ExpressApp; using DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win.Editors; using DxSample.Module.BusinessObjects; namespace DxSample.Module.Win.Controllers { public class AutoRefreshListViewController :ObjectViewController<ListView, Order> { protected override void OnActivated() { base.OnActivated(); ObjectSpace.ObjectChanged += ObjectSpace_ObjectChanged; } protected override void OnDeactivated() { ObjectSpace.ObjectChanged -= ObjectSpace_ObjectChanged; base.OnDeactivated(); } private void ObjectSpace_ObjectChanged(object sender, ObjectChangedEventArgs e) { GridListEditor editor = View.Editor as GridListEditor; if(editor != null && editor.GridView != null && editor.GridView.FocusedRowHandle >= 0) editor.GridView.RefreshRow(editor.GridView.FocusedRowHandle); } } }

                                Attached is a sample project for your reference.