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                                  • Hi I have been trying to iterate through a class public properties and generate labels and editors in XAML, I have been using this tutorial

                                    I have created 2 templates the main template and a child template with multiple expansions, the main template looks like this

                                    <StackLayout Padding="10,40,10,10"> «ForEach(public property in clipType ,#FormsViewItem#)» «FinalTarget» </StackLayout>

                                    The child template looks like this

                                    <Label> <Label.FormattedText> <FormattedString> <FormattedString.Spans> <Span Text=" "> <Span.FontFamily> <OnPlatform x:TypeArguments="x:String"> <OnPlatform.iOS>FontAwesome</OnPlatform.iOS> <OnPlatform.Android>fontawesome-webfont.ttf#FontAwesome</OnPlatform.Android> </OnPlatform> </Span.FontFamily> </Span> <Span Text="{i18n:Translate «Class»«?Get(itemName)»}" /> </FormattedString.Spans> </FormattedString> </Label.FormattedText> </Label> <Entry></Entry> «FinalTarget»

                                    Both templates are under XAML language. When I execute the code template, it only expands the main template I don’t know if it executes the child template since, the part that needed to be filled with the foreach is blank.
                                    Is it something broken with the foreach functionality on XAML language, I recreated the same templates under C# language and it executes the foreach correctly so I know is not content of the template but coderush. Is there any way to fix this behavior?

                                • George K (DevExpress) 09.25.2017

                                  Hi Pedro,
                                  Thanks for the templates,
                                  I see the problem and we are working on it. We will notify you when we have any results.

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