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                                  • Hi,

                                    today I got a new machine I installed the newest Visual Studio and the newest coderush version.

                                    After starting my project I see that IntelliRush is not working.

                                    In the most circumstance when start typing the suggestions disappear. For example when try to define a new variable. The suggestion for type are shown, but when enter the first character the disappear - and not filtered like expected. When entering some letters and pressing backspace the suggestions are shown again.

                                    Without the feature I am not able to work....

                                    Deactivating Intellirush shows the same problems with default intellisense feature.

                                    Could you provide some help?

                                • Dmitry O (DevExpress) 08.22.2017

                                  Hi Thomas,
                                  Thank you for the detailed information about the problem. We were already notified about the same problem. Please give us some time and we will try to prepare the build with a fix so that you can try it on your side and let us know whether it solves the problem.

                                • Dmitry O (DevExpress) 08.23.2017

                                  Hi Thomas,
                                  We have found that the cause of the problem is related to the "Naming Assistant" feature. We are working on it and will do our best to provide a fix.
                                  Currently, we suggest you temporarily disable this feature as a workaround for the latest CodeRush for Roslyn 17.1.7 version:
                                  Disable the check box - CodeRush->Options->Editor->(C#/Visual Basic)->"Enabled Naming Assistant" and press the "OK" button.

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                                • Mark Dietsch 09.14.2017

                                  Having the same issue.... looking forward to the next release!

                                • Eugene R (DevExpress) 09.15.2017

                                  Hi Mark,

                                  Please try this installation and let us know of your results.