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                                  • 1. In the Test Runner window, right click a row relating to a Parameterized Test Fixture and click 'Go to Class'

                                    Nothing happens.

                                    2. Double click the row.

                                    Nothing happens

                                    3. Do the same on a normal test

                                    Class is navigated to as expected in both cases.

                                • Dmitry O (DevExpress) 08.22.2017

                                  Hi Wade,
                                  I have reproduced the problem with help of the following code snippet:

                                  using NUnit.Framework; namespace NamespaceName { [TestFixture("1", "2", "3")] //[TestFixture] public class TestClass { [Test] public void Test1() { } } }

                                  As soon as we fix the problem, we will notify you in the context of this ticket.

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