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                                  • In a (primarily web) XAF app, the "Reset View Settings" button appears everywhere, all the time, which is confusing to some users.  I'd like to show that button only if the view had been customized in some way.  How can I accomplish this?

                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 07.27.2017

                                  Hello Jim,

                                  We need some additional time to work on your inquiry. In the meantime, will hiding this command under the ... menu be a temporary solution for you? Refer to the attached screenshot.

                                • JHorv 07.27.2017

                                  Hiding it would be an acceptable workaround in the meantime.
                                  While trying to answer my own question, I looked at the source for the ResetViewSettingsController and noticed that the action should be getting disabled when it isn't possible, but I've never noticed that happening.  In fact, I think I did answer my own question (by deriving from WebResetViewSettingsController and overriding a method), but it didn't work - maybe for the same reason the action isn't getting disabled, either?

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                                Hello Jim,

                                Thanks for your update. Right away, I can recommend you move this Action into a category, which is not visible by default. The tickets below describe possible ways of doing this:
                                How to group Actions under the "..." drop down group on the Web
                                Move action Reset View Setting to another part ribbon – Tools Tab
                                Let me know how they work for you.

                                This command indeed must already be disabled under certain circumstances (e.g., when an object is new or there are unsaved changes). I am afraid we cannot offer an easy solution for tracking customizations, at least on the Web and using public documented APIs. Our team also will take your scenario into account for the future. I also has started a survey regarding this command: