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                                  • In MoveTypeToNamespace it is possible to select an existing Namespace or to enter a new Namespace.

                                    In MoveToRegion only selecting an existing Region (see also Ticket T539219) or a new Region "NewRegion" is possible. Why not also giving the possibility to enter a new Region?

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                                • Robert 15 08.04.2017

                                  Thank you for the hotfix. Now it works!

                                  But it seems, that there is a little layout problem (in VB). See attached screenshot.

                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 08.04.2017

                                  Hi Robert,

                                  To process your last comment more efficiently I've created a separate ticket on your behalf: Move To Region - Header and regions lists have different weight. It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                Hi Robert,
                                It works on my side. I just type a custom name. See this screencast -
                                If it does not work for you, would you provide us with a sample project.

                                • Robert 15 07.25.2017

                                  Hi George,

                                  nice to see that this works in C#. As I mentioned in my post, it seems that this does not work in

                                • George K (DevExpress) 07.25.2017

                                  Hi Robert,
                                  Thanks for the clarification. I have managed to reproduce the issue. We will notify you when we have any results.